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‘Tim always makes me feel comfortable when I sit in his dentist chair and it never seems to hurt. Thanks AG'

‘The BEST dentist ever. Never any pain! Super skilled. CM'

‘Best dental experience I have ever had. Lovely reassuring Dentist and nurse, very happy. CC'

‘Had a crown - My choice to spend on an expensive one, but really fantastic from prep to completion. Pain free and efficient. Great fit and look. Nurse on hand real good too. Thank you. SC'

‘Everyone in this practice is so warm, welcome and efficient, Thank you EL'

‘Thank you ! It didn't hurt CH'

‘ I broak my teeth and had to have a fillening the dentist. It was scary. I'm glad its over. You wouldn't recornised I had smashed them.... G was very brave today. I am very impressed with her treatment and now has fabulous teeth to be proud of. Thank you. A'

‘Had to have an extraction today and was very nervous. Tim was absolutely brilliant. Pain free and quick. Came out smiling. He was brilliant.'

‘Very good treatment no pain at all Many thanks.'

‘I just wanted to say that todays experience (2 fillings) was the most comfortable I have had for many years – Thank you’

‘An excellent practice! All very welcoming and very helpful. They have saved my front lower teeth now for 3 years. I would highly recommend them all. Thanks’

‘I am so grateful to Tim for dealing with my problem of broken teeth, quickly and with great professional treatment. – Thank you’

‘My first visit and a filling – just want to say no pain and a very professional approach’

Tim’s expertise and professionalism are A1starred! I am so pleased to have my front teeth looking so much better. I love to smile and can do so with confidence again. Bless you Tim! I should add the whole team is supportive and professional’

‘Dear Mr Glynn and staff at the centre, I wanted to write to thank you for the fantastic, prompt, professional and gentle care you gave my mother when she came to see you on Tuesday this week after her fall. The excellent repair you made to her two front teeth has gone a huge way to lift her spirits and confidence and she was bowled over by how fast and affordable your service was. Thank you’

'Again today you are running on time – nice not having to wait around. Always polite & helpful. Everything is always clean and tidy. Brilliant’

‘Dear Tim & team Thank you so very much for your wonderful treatment, care, attention, so professional, proficient Sincerely SS’

'Thank you. Fast efficient, great job.' Chris

'This man and assistant are brilliant, my hero, so happy. I’ll be back but only if I have a problem.'

'I am extremely pleased with the crown my dentist gave me today. I love it, now I finally love my teeth and how it was done was quick and painless. Thank you.'

'Very good work carried out by Tim. Thank you so very much.'

'Haven’t been to a hygienist for 2 ½ years, feel beautifully clean now. Thank you.'

'Teeth out. Did not hurt. Thank you.'

'Emergency tooth out, great service & advice. Thank you.'

'No pain excellent, the best service ever.'

'Nice and quick, thanks!'

'Very, very skilled. Totally pain free!'

'Excellent. Very good service.'

'Brilliant/excellent!! No pain, no discomfort.'

'There was a question as to whether an implant or bridge was the best answer to rectifying the worn out crowns. With consulting the Receptionist I decided on a bridge. Tim Glynn did a brilliant job and it’s just like having proper teeth again.' R.A

'At short notice I got an appointment for a broken tooth. Excellent painless work by both to reconstruct with a white filling. Thank you.'

'After my appointment with the dentist I needed to see the Hygienist. As another appointment was necessary Sandra was very helpful in speaking to the Hygienist to get an immediate appointment as she was aware I have a long way to travel. Both were helpful in seeing me straight away. A very good service, thank you.'

'I want to thank Tim and his professional team, including Sandra and all for looking after my family and I. So good to have been in much careful and expert hands! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and indeed you already look after other members of our extended family. All the very best and a big thank you again.'

'Brilliant, my teeth look beautiful, and I feel ten years younger. Thank you very much indeed. Lovely.' S

'thankyou thankyou'

'Best dentist ever! Thankyou'

'You are brilliant Tim!'

'Nervous patient! Good treatment as a result.'

'Sharon is wonderful!!'

'Excellent dentist work on filling gap between my teeth. The colouring completely matched my own teeth giving me a confident smile again. Fantastic dentist'


'Sharon (Hygienist) tops – extremely through, efficient and effective and I've seen a few I'm a grown up!'

'Very polite and gentle'

'Wonderful Treatment. Thankyou!'

'Molar extraction! No pain, very quick Fantastic! Thankyou!'


'I like the dentist. Very approachable, friendly people and they put a tickly thing in your mouth. Ahaha. The dentist complimented my teeth and now I can’t stop smiling. Thankyou. (and its free because I'm under 18)'

'The team at Mayfield are lovely! The dentist, Timbo is the best I have known and I have known a few! The receptionist is lovely and always good fun and light hearted!! Alltogether a wonderful practice'

'New to Mayfield , took me onboard and helped fix a broken tooth by doing 2 fillings. Brilliant….Thanks!'

'Wonderful – had tooth extracted did not feel a thing – fantastic.'

'As usual I leave with teeth and gums in great shape again – see you all next time'

'I had a filing and was very brave. I got a sticker . Thank you'

'Very happy with all my treatment and felt relaxed. Thank you so much'

'Always very happy – many thanks'

' A brilliant dentist and assistant very care orientated, professional. I would recommend them to anyone – keep up the good work'

'Very good thank you'

'Wonderful, friendly dentist surgery… I feel valued and important. A great team.'

'I liked it when the chair went up and down. I got a sticar. I liked the feeling when the suking hoover thing sucked up my tongue. Thank you'

'Great service – lovely nurse'

'Amazing great service, friendly and helpful'

'New to Mayfield, took me onboard and helped fix a broken tooth by doing 2 fillings! Brilliant ….thanks!'